10 Ways To Create Content For Your Weblog.

You know that feeling… the awful sensation that you just can’t possibly blog about anything. Nothing inspires you enough. Everything seems too mundane. And, the more you think about blogging, the less you are inclined to blog.
Indeed, if writers can get writer’s block, then bloggers can get blogger’s block.

What do you do in moments like these?

Here are some ideas on how you can create weblog content during ‘dry times’ when you feel as though anything under the sun isn’t worth blogging about.

1) Check your Inbox. It’s a great place to find fodder for blogging. Answer an email or two in your blog. React to a piece that you read from an email newsletter. Review a link or product that was recommended to you.

2) Start Blog Hopping. We all do it on a regular basis – reading blogs from our blogroll.

However, this time, read your favorite blogs with the purpose of finding ideas to write about. Also, try to follow links to weblogs you don’t usually visit. Start asking questions like: “What are my fellow bloggers interested in at the moment?” or “What is the most popular topic that people blog about? Do I want to write about it too? Or perhaps, I can blog about something that is not too popular.” Doing these things may spark something in your ‘blocked’ blogging brain.

3) Comment in Your Own Blog. Yes, this idea is related to item #2. When you visit other weblogs, use your own blog when commenting on another blogger’s entry that catches your attention. Or, if you post a short comment on someone else’s blog, think of ways on how you can expand the idea. Oh, and don’t forget to use trackback, if your blogging system allows you to do so.

4) Read, Listen To, or Watch the News. Even if your weblog is not about news, politics or current events, you will still benefit from finding out what’s going on in the world. To give you a refreshed view, why not check out news sources that you don’t usually refer to? For example, if you’re a CNN person, check out BBC this time around. You might even want to try watching news in a foreign language.

5) Give Memes or Collaborations a Go. Even if you’re not too crazy about memes or collabs, you might still consider trying it out. Give it a different spin if you like. Say, instead of creating “100 Things About Me” – you can write “100 Things About My Neighbor’s Cat.”

6) Create Lists. This is an endless source of blogging ideas. Some possibilities: “Top 10” lists, “Favorites” lists, “Worst of the Bunch” lists, “Things To Do” lists, “Wish” lists, etc. These lists may be on any given topic such as movies, books, music, people, paintings, food, sports, and activities, among many other things.

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7) Play Games, Answer Surveys, or Take Quizzes. If you’re not the sort of person who likes posting quiz or survey results as weblog entries, remember that you’re not limited to the “usual route” of blog quiz-taking (i.e., find a quiz, respond to questions, and post the results as a blog entry). For example, if you take the quiz: What’s Your Blogging Personality?, you can write about particular items asked in the quiz. Or, you can write about other ideas you may have for a game, survey, or quiz for bloggers.

8) Blog at Random. There are different ways you can blog at random. One way to do this is to pick up a dictionary or encyclopedia, open to a random page, and then write about a word, phrase or sentence that you find on that particular page. Another way is to flip through one of your photo albums (or boxes, if they’re not in albums yet), and pick a random photo to write about – be it a memory, a fictional idea, or a non-fiction piece. You can also turn on the TV or the radio, then write about the first thing you watch or hear about. Another thing you might like to try is to find a journal writing software and/or book with creative writing prompts and pick a topic at random to write about.

9) Be a Sleuth! Are there things that you’ve always wondered about but never found the opportunity to get the facts? You might have asked yourself one or more of the following questions at one time or another: “How do you build an igloo?” “What are the different species of spiders?” or “Who is the richest woman in the world?” Well, now might be a good time to get your detective or research skills in to action. Check search engines, almanacs, and other sources of information. Then, start blogging your findings!

10) Do Something New. If not something new, any activity other than blogging or computer-related stuff will do. Sometimes, all you need is a little break. Go to the mall, watch a movie, go for a walk, visit the beach, or call a friend. Just get out there and live your life.

There are other ways to come up with blogging content other than the ones mentioned here. Go ahead and experiment! Just remember that living a full life is a surefire way to kick bloggers block out of the picture.

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