Dos And Don’ts About Public Speaking

Good public speaking requires certain qualities that seem to be the prerogative of a select few. Though some of these qualities are inborn many of them can be cultivated too. Extending some efforts at sharpening your public speaking or oratory skills can go a long way to make you successful in your endeavors. 3 Secrets for Closing the Sale.

There are certain dos and don’ts that you need to always keep in mind if you wish to achieve success via effectively communicating with the public. Here are the important things to ‘do’ about public speaking that you need to remember:

  • Do plan your speech in advance. Being prepared beforehand will enable you to feel confident about speaking in front of the audience.
  • Do maintain eye contact with the audience. You should maintain good eye contact with those listening to you.
  • Do make sure you are standing securely. You will end up being in an awkward situation if you suddenly tip while speaking.
  • Do speak slowly while making use of carefully chosen words. Remember, usage of the appropriate words in speech can produce a lasting impression in the minds of the listeners and can create a great impact in conveying an idea.
  • Do breathe normally while speaking. You need to stay at ease while talking to the audience.
  • Do be at yourself. You need not don a different personality while speaking. This will make you feel uncomfortable and also make the audience confused as your speech gets affected in this way.
  • Do speak enthusiastically. No one prefers a speaker lacking in spirit. You need to ask thought-provoking questions, make use of quotes relating to the subject of discussion and relate startling facts- all to arouse the curiosity of the audience and draw their interest. Why Test?

Now there are the things that you are advised not to do too in case of public speaking. Here are some significant ‘don’ts’ about public speaking:

  • Don’t waver from the main message that you are seeking to convey. Always bear in mind that the audience cannot retain more than two or three things presented in a speech. So, lay emphasis on the main points while speaking.
  • Don’t ever start fidgeting in front of the audience while speaking. Even if you are not fully confident of something you must take care not express it this way.
  • Don’t lean while speaking.
  • Don’t look down and maintain eye contact with your audience while delivering your speech.
  • Don’t make use of vocal pauses like ah, umm… etc. Make use of a proper word instead like ‘now’.
  • Don’t waste too much time on answering questions asked and clarifications sought by listeners. You must make sure that the main message that you wish to express via your speech is conveyed within the time allotted for your speech.

Learning up these dos and don’ts summed up here will help make your public speaking endeavors more successful. It is suggested that you first make a plan about what all you will be speaking. Preparation of such a public speaking plan beforehand will stand as a better guarantee of success.

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