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Want to look smarter and better and boost your self confidence? And here sunglasses play the king’s role. They are stylish and yet protective to your most precious eyes. Sunglasses were used mainly as fashion accessories. But these days the picture has changed. Now these have become an essential commodity by protecting our eyes from harmful UV rays. Peoples are now more aware that wholesale sunglasses costs less than when bought from the retailers.

Wholesalers, purchasing various brands of sunglasses in bulk sell them to the retailers and thus acting as middlemen between the end sellers and the wholesale sunglass manufacturers. A wholesaler guides and creates awareness about various brands and fashions prevailing in the market, among the retailers and the shopkeepers.

These days unisex sunglasses are for all genders and age. You get a chance to look at the latest trendy sunglasses worn by models and celebrities while shopping around. However don’t forget to get a perfect quality frame and lenses while purchasing wholesale sunglasses. Plastic lenses are more durable.

It is cheaper and profitable to buy sunglasses directly from the wholesalers than from the retailers as the retailers share of profit gets deducted. But when buying big brands this difference is much shortened. One can find the names of wholesalers for a particular area throughout the country in the yellow pages as well as in the Internet.

But the wholesalers also cautiously sell to the consumers as they also have to strictly follow the contract with the retailers. Also a consumer has to return empty hand if approaches the wholesaler for a single pair. There are also some sunglass wholesalers who doesn’t have retailers to sell their stock and tries to invite them through Internet. Person with enough confidence on their capitalistic power accept such invitations.

Buying sunglasses from the wholesalers is appreciable as it save some dollars for you. A buyer, however should have some good contact with wholesalers to get quality enriched sunglasses. Buying a dozen sunglasses from a wholesaler seems sensible, provided he manages to sell them off to his friends or family and his money back.


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Considerations For Choosing Trendy Sunglasses

Apart from protecting your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun sunglasses also act as ultimate fashion accessories. It is because of this that they are all the more sought after nowadays. To cater to this increasing demand there is now on offer a wide range of sunglasses. These are fashioned from different materials and are available in a variety of designs. You are to choose carefully from among these the trendier ones with chic looks and superior functionalities.

Keep in mind the following points while shopping for sunglasses:

  • Select sunglasses having contemporary designs that complement your face. Your sunglasses reflect your style. Hence they need to be graceful looking keeping in with the designs of the times.
  • Larger sunglasses are befitting for larger faces while smaller ones suit smaller faces.
  • A rule of thumb is to choose frames of shades opposite in nature to the shape (not size) of the face.
  • Remember, choosing trendier dark glasses does not mean overlooking the material of construction. A durable and lightweight construction is always preferable (especially in case of sports sunglasses).
  • The superior sunglasses of the day ascertain a higher degree of protection from UV rays. You need to check out which of the sunglasses offer protection from HEVL (High Energy Visible Light) too alongside both the UV-A Type and UV-B Type rays. Only polarized lenses are to be considered in this regard.
  • Genuineness of the sunglasses purchased needs to be importantly ensured. You need to preferably check out the credentials of the seller too. It is better to ascertain that the sunglasses are also insured (in case of expensive ones).
  • A special tip with regard to choosing good sunglasses is trying out sunglasses with a slightly larger frame. This will lead to creation of an aura of special mystery about you while adding to your glamour.

Mind these suggestions and we bet your chances of securing good and trendy sunglasses will be increased greatly. Remember, purchasing of good quality sunglasses is not an easygoing affair. You need resort to considerable browsing over websites of established concerns selling sunglasses or carry out a lot of window-shopping before finding a choicest product.


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