How To Attract Thousands Of Customers?

We are constantly told by marketing experts of the huge pulling power of free gift offers.

You can use a free gift

– to persuade a potential customer to purchase a product
– to induce him to come to your web site
– as a follow up thank-you when a customer has made a purchase
– just to keep in touch with a customer, keep your name in his – mind and give him your latest product news –
and there are so many more possibilities

I’m sure you will agree with the above, so the question is

Why don’t YOU provide a free gift ?

The answer:

– You don’t have a free gift to offer
– You can’t afford the cost
– You don’t want the hassle of sending one out

Fair enough.

So here is a simple solution.

You arrange with another party to send out THEIR gift so that both parties benefit.

You merely give your reader instructions on where to collect their free gift – and there is no further involvement for you.


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