How to start a business and make 200 sales your first month!

The way I discovered the Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy was by learning from a lot of people.

One of the clients I wrote a lot of ad copy for is Walter Hailey.

I love Walter to death. He’s 70 something years old and has more energy and life than most 30 year olds.

By working with Walter’s company, I learned a lot about marketing.

Walter was born a little short guy. His parents nicknamed him Itsy Bitsy because he was so small.

He grew up being rejected by other kids due to his size. So he had a terrible fear of rejection.

When he graduated from college, he decided to sell life insurance. Well, if you know anything about selling life insurance, it usually involves hearing a lot of ‘no’s.’ A lot of rejection.

Walter couldn’t get anybody to buy anything.

So one day his mentor told him to read ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill. If you haven’t read it, you definitely should.

Walter followed the instructions in chapter 6 and started his own MasterMind group.

Within 5 years, 7 out of the 8 guys in his MasterMind group became millionaires. Plus, Walter got an idea out of that group that allowed him to sell a BILLION dollars of insurance in 8 years and literally buy the insurance company he was selling for.

The thrust of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ is that riches — not just money — all types of riches begin in the mind. They are mental first. They are energy.

See, money is the outward expression of your energy. It’s your energy translated into a tangible equivalent. I know you want specific ‘how to make money right now’ steps.

But FIRST, get your mental and emotional energy revved up. Napoleon Hill will give you a very simple, very practical method for doing that you can use right now.


I would just tell it to you. But you know what? You need to read the book.

I’m in this for YOUR best interest.

And the first thing you need to get is ‘Think and Grow Rich.’

Don’t take my word for it. Take Walter’s word. Look what it did for him. I’ve got more to say in this email. But the #1 thing I want you to take away from it and do is to get that book and read it.

And if you do have it, read it again.

Anyway, Walter is an amazing man and an amazing story.

When you buy ‘The Amazing Formula,’ you’ll get a special 10-page report that tells a lot more about what I learned from Walter. You can also order his book from 1-800-hunt-tex.

It’s another little book you can get that won’t cost you much money that will have a BIG impact on your life. A famous motivator, Charlie Tremendous Jones, once said, ‘Leaders are readers.’

I believe that.

I am where I am because I am always reading. Always learning. Walter is a BIG reader too. Man, his library is as big as mine is. He’s always reading a motivational, business or marketing book.

I learned many things from Walter. And not just him. The President of his company is Steve Anderson. I wish I had time in this email to tell you all about Steve.

Steve is Walter’s protege. And together, they do the most incredible seminars you’ve ever been to in your life.

Walter is just one example of the many people I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from. And it is their secrets, their success, that all went into my discovery of ‘The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy.’

In the product, I tell about a lot of the other people I learned from and what I learned from them. I talk about the marketing formulas they use in their businesses.

Where else are you going to get information like this?

Who else takes you on the inside and reveals the inner workings? The formulas? The strategies.

This email’s getting a tad long so let me get to the point and give you a few tips right here right now:

FACT ONE: Most of my successful friends in this business use one web page to sell one product.


Because on the Internet people are surfing. They’re in a hurry. In most (but not all) cases, it’s more effective to zoom right in on one product and sell that to them.

THEN you follow up with other products via your autoresponder. If you don’t know what autoresponders are, they’re little programs that automatically respond to email for you.

You can set the number of days between follow up messages in your autoresponder. It’s one of the most powerful tools you have in online selling.

FACT TWO: You can double your sales by getting people to sign up for your mailing list. Ten Ways To Promote Your Site And Increase Traffic.

The tested way of doing this is with an ezine, which is an emailed newsletter. The ‘in-vogue’ method of the moment is quick-hit autoresponders that offer a 5-10 part course.

The advantage of these is they get information in your prospective customer’s hands while they are still interested.

If you put them on a weekly or monthly list, you could lost the sale simply by following up too slowly.

FACT THREE: Once you know how much money you make per visitor to your web site, many doors open for you. /a-faster-way-to-settle-your-social-security-claim.

For example, go to: Search on a word that someone would normally use to find your business. For example, if you sell cooking supplies, search on ‘cooking’ or ‘cooking supplies.’

Next to each of the search results, you’ll see a price that says ‘cost to advertiser.’

I just finished talking to a friend of mine.

I was telling him how to get his wife to start a business. I asked him what his wife was interested in.

The ONLY thing he could think of was — cooking.

So let’s use that as an example of how to start a business.

At the time I’m writing this, for .37 you can be the number one returned result for the word ‘cooking.’ Using another tool I talk about in ‘The Amazing Formula,’ I find out that the word cooking is searched on…

218,472 times per month!

How would you like to have 218,472 visitors your very first month in business?

Well, for .38 per visitor you can have that many visitors. That means you will pay $370 for every 1,000 visitors.

If you convert 2% of your visitors to customers (you may or may not), then you make 20 sales per 1,000 visitors. $370 divided by 20 sales means that to break even, each sale must have a profit of $18.50.

If you then sell those customers other items, you have nice profit on your hands.

‘What if my cooking site only turns 1% of unique visitors into buyers?’

Then bid on another word!

For example, ‘cooking recipe’ at the time I’m writing this has 24,000 some odd searches and you can be number 3 for .12! That is $120 per 1,000 visitors. 120 divided by 10 customers (1% conversion) is only $12.00. /features-and-types-tax-relief

So you would break even with only a $12.00, one-time profit!

Of course, all 218,472 searchers won’t click through to your web site even if you’re the number one person.

Let’s say you only got 20,000 people to click through to your listing. If (and you may or may not) you sold 1%, then that would be 200 sales your first month in business!

And that’s only from ONE search term. You can bid on as many as you want.


By the way, I highly recommend you get a copy of ‘The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy’ if you really want to get serious and kick things into high gear.

You’ll find it here:

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