I Just Stole Your Commission!

I’m so glad you’re a Clickbank affiliate who doesn’t know how to protect your Hop URL! You see, I just substituted my Clickbank nickname for yours in your link URL and now I get your commission.

What this amounts to is that I can purchase the product and save 25%, 40%, 50%, or whatever amount the merchant commission is. But, I robbed YOU! Ethical? No, but many unscrupulous people don’t even consider whether a tactic such as this is right or wrong.

“I don’t need to worry”, you say, “I’m using a redirect URL”. What if I click on your link, get redirected, and see your Clickbank Hop URL in the browser window? All I have to do is substitute mine for yours and click “Go”. You just lost your commission.

So, how can you prevent this? Very simple. Use an “invisible” frame to hide your Clickbank Hop URL. This will keep your domain URL in the browser window. Here’s a working example for you to try: http://www.webdesignwisdom.com/profitsvault

Now, here’s the HTML for an invisible frame redirect page.


<title>Profits Vault</title>
<meta http-equiv=”Content-Type” content=”text/html;charset=iso-8859-1″>

<frameset BORDER=”0″ FRAMESPACING=”0″ FRAMEBORDER=”0″ rows=”0,*”>
<frame NAME=”main” SRC=”main.html” SCROLLING=”yes” MARGINWIDTH=”0″ MARGINHEIGHT=”0″>

(Note: SRC=”main.html” – this is the page with the redirect URL that loads while the redirect URL page is being opened).

Copy and paste into your favorite text editor, change the URL, save as an HTML document and upload it to your server. Point your product link to your new web page. This may not be 100% secure, but it should eliminate 99% of the problem.

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