How Does Internet Marketing Really Work?

Website marketing and internet marketing services involve various internet marketing strategies that help you promote your online business. These internet marketing strategies help to make your website easily accessible over the internet and increase the number of visitors that come to your website. The whole idea behind these marketing strategies is to allow your clients or visitors to know about your products or services and to generate interest in them. There are various companies that provide internet marketing consultancy and website marketing services and hence it is important that you choose the one which can provide you with the best marketing strategies.

Internet Marketing Really Work1

If you want your online business to be successful, then it is important that you choose the right kind of internet marketing strategies. One of the best internet marketing strategies is SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a way of optimizing your website and helps to make it popular over the internet. SEO ensures that your website appears in the top results when people search on the keyword or phrases related to your business. There are various companies who provide you internet marketing consultancy and website optimization services, but you need to do a lot of research before choosing one. A good internet marketing company will be able to help to take your business to new heights by offering you quality internet marketing consultancy and website optimization services.

If you choose the right internet marketing company, then you will be able to get lots of benefits. A good internet marketing company will understand your needs and requirements and hence comes up with the best internet marketing strategy. In this way, your website can rank high in the search engines, which will bring more traffic to your site. There are various online marketing services provided by different internet marketing consultancy companies, which include search engine optimization, paid advertising, web marketing, email marketing, media marketing, banner advertising, etc. Internet marketing is an essential part of any online business as it helps to improve your sales. Internet marketing consultancies provide internet marketing solutions at affordable rates, so that even small online businesses can get the benefits of internet marketing.

Internet marketing consultants to ensure that their clients get the best value for their marketing spend by delivering internet marketing solutions that ensure superior online presence, digital customer service and high ROI. They provide internet advertising and digital marketing services at affordable rates and use their expertise to help their clients achieve online success. Digital marketing allows a company to be extremely mobile and reach out to the market through various devices such as digital media, websites, social media, online communities and other interactive portals. These services help a company to build an online identity that will lead to better business performance and create a positive image.

Internet marketing enables you to deliver your message directly to your consumers while engaging with them on a personal level. It gives you the ability to monitor your audience’s responses and measure your success in any market situation. The internet marketing consultancy team will guide you towards the right approach to take and provide relevant solutions that help you bring your brand to life. The digital marketing experts understand the importance of online marketing and how it has transformed the landscape of advertising and communications.

You need a thorough knowledge about search engine optimization (SEO), if you want to remain competitive. Effective SEO provides you with an online marketing service that can help to increase your exposure to potential customers and improve your website performance. An effective online marketing consultancy team provides you with SEO consultation and internet marketing services at affordable rates. They understand the value of effective SEO and how it has transformed the landscape of online marketing.

Internet Marketing Really Work2

So you would like to know how does internet marketing actually work? Well, it is very simple. To be in the business of internet marketing means that you have to make sure that you make your potential customer feel that he/she is given the best deal, has all the tools he/she needs to buy and has everything he/she desires. How can you achieve all these? That is what you should ask your internet marketing consultant and that is exactly what this article will show you.

The first point that I am going to discuss in this article is the role of a local online marketing agency. Many people think that an internet marketing consultant works for an internet marketing company but in fact they work for themselves. These companies hire them because they know that they have the experience and the talent to deal with a lot of clients. A local online marketing agency is highly recommended if you want to make sure that you get as much exposure as possible to your website. The more exposure you get the better it is for you and your website and the more customers you will have the more money you will make.

In addition to this a local online marketing agency is also capable of offering a lot of additional services to a company that is already in operation. For instance, they may offer search engine optimization (SEO) services for your website, which means that you will be able to get a higher ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo. This will of course bring you more traffic to your website. It will also increase your chances of having customers browsing through your website and purchasing your products and services. In a way this is like providing free advertising to your company and that is something that an internet marketing consultant cannot refuse to do.

Another service that an internet marketing consultant offers is link building services. Link building is something that internet marketing experts can offer. This will allow you to have a good reputation on the internet as a professional. By making sure that your site has links back to it from credible sites, this will make your site more professional and will attract more customers. This will give you more opportunities to capture a large customer base which you can turn into profit sooner than you think.

Finally, an internet marketing consultant can also help you get that edge over your competitors. They do this by giving you a unique selling point or USP which you can use to make your business stand out from the rest of them. In fact by having one of these unique selling points, you will have almost no competition at all.

As you see there are many different advantages that you can get from hiring a professional internet marketing consultant. Of course cost is always something that you will have to consider. Make sure that you look into all of the costs that you are going to be facing before you make any final decisions. Look into the advantages that you can get before you decide which internet marketing method to choose.

Books That Can Benefit From Internet Marketing

Internet marketing has become one of the most common jobs today. Statistics show that about two in three Americans spend at least a few minutes browsing the web and use online marketing techniques at least once every day. Internet marketing jobs are available almost everywhere, and an online marketing business can be started even if you have little or no previous experience. This career option is ideal for people who want to stay at home and make money without having to go into the corporate world. 17 Magic Words That Can Make You a Fortune.

Internet marketing1

Internet marketing is essential because it aligns you with how consumers make buying decisions. Internet marketing allows you to develop relationships with leads and prospects via regular, low-cost, personalized communication, reflecting a move away from conventional mass promotion. Because of this, Internet marketing businesses help to generate new business online each day. If you have an online marketing business, here are some of the best Internet marketing books on the market:

The Complete Internet Marketing Guide by Jeremy Kelsall. Review-able. A guidebook that provides tips on what types of websites will attract search engines. It also discusses topics such as site architecture, content writing and design and keyword research. It offers extensive support for affiliate marketers.

Social Media Marketing by Ryan Deiss. Popular. This book provides extensive information about social media, including its purpose, what makes it so popular and how it differs from traditional internet marketing methods. It gives detailed descriptions of each social media platform, including popular sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. It also discusses why social media is so helpful for internet marketing and why those who use it should consider the social media optimization strategy. Ticked Off At Being Kicked Off?

Content Marketing Strategies ebook by Matthew Corner. Review-friendly. An eBook that discusses topics such as SEO, internet marketing and content writing and includes numerous pages of case studies and real life case studies. It also discusses various types of online money making opportunities such as article writing, blogging and web design.

Email Marketing Essentials by Amy Porterfield. Requires knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO). This eBook discusses topics such as how to write an effective email, the importance of subject lines, opening and closing sentences, creating an attractive email layout and effective email advertising. It also introduces the concept of email marketing and how one can use this technique to promote their company.

Email and Internet Marketing Secrets of the Top Online Marketers by Aaron Finch. Requires knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO). This eBook discusses topics such as email marketing strategies and techniques, finding a good host, finding a potential customer base and selling products or services. It also teaches potential customers how to create a powerful website, generate visitors and promote products. It provides a number of ways to sell online and how to reach potential customers online.

Social Media Marketing ebook by Amy Porterfield. Requires familiarity with Google AdSense, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. This eBook discusses topics such as using social media for internet marketing strategy, generating targeted traffic and promoting products. It also teaches users how to effectively use social media to sell their product and service. It contains great way to advertise online and how to promote their business online.

An Internet Marketing Strategy For Small Business by Jessica Vogelsang. Internet marketing enables businesses to expand at a faster rate without having to spend more on offline advertising and other promotional strategies. It helps small to medium sized companies to market their products online and how to achieve the highest possible conversion rates through strategic internet marketing. Internet marketing enables businesses to grow at a pace that is reasonable while not breaking the bank.

Direct mail marketing ebook by Craig Whiteley and Jennifer Greene. This eBook discusses subjects such as direct marketing tips, creating a strong branding effort, increasing sales through content marketing and landing pages and many more. It also contains a complete guide on how to write a successful direct mail marketing campaign and how to increase a company’s conversion rates. Direct mail marketing enables a company to create and produce quality and effective mail campaigns that will lead to an increase in sales and increased customer contact numbers. I Just Stole Your Commission!

Off-Page SEO by Matthew Corner. Off-Page SEO is a comprehensive guide to effective and successful internet marketing for business websites. Off-Page SEO makes use of well researched keywords to help bring quality traffic to a website. The book contains a number of practical applications and strategies that can be used to improve search engine rankings through various techniques. The book includes a thorough discussion of key factors that contribute to off-page SEO such as keyword density and links building. It also contains several case studies highlighting different aspects of different off-page SEO tools such as directories, blogs, social bookmarking, forums and web directory listings.

Internet Marketing2

If you’re an aspiring internet marketer and you want to find out what books that can benefit from internet marketing are, you have several options. You can buy books, newsletters, magazines, journals, and more. But not all of these sources are the same as others. To figure out what internet marketing books are best, it’s important to determine which ones are best for you. Ten Hot Tips For Using E-Mail To Get News Coverage For Business.

When looking at which internet publications you should purchase, take your time. Read some of the reviews. Check out the writer’s background. Learn about the niche market they cater to and do a little research to see what they cover.

Some books focus on internet marketing in one specific industry. For example, you may read books on how to market your website to small businesses. Or you might consider purchasing books on how to promote your blog or your site to search engine users. These kinds of books will help you understand the ins and outs of the various internet marketing methods. By reading these kinds of books, you’ll better understand the industry you want to get into.

On the other hand, some internet marketing books are designed to teach you everything about internet marketing. You can find these books focused on keyword research, search engine optimization, email marketing, and more. So if you want to get into internet marketing quickly, you might want to consider picking up one or two of these books. They will help you understand each of the different techniques you’ll need to master in order to succeed with your business.

Books that can benefit from internet marketing are going to give you detailed information about the internet marketing company you’re considering working with. When you’re researching potential internet marketing companies, it’s important to find out who their customer base is. How many people do they have online? What kind of information do they provide to their customers? These are all important questions to answer when you’re trying to decide which internet marketing company you should be working with.

Internet books that can benefit from internet marketing don’t have to be about how to make money with advertising. There are plenty of books available that talk about how to use the internet effectively for marketing purposes. In fact, some internet marketing books even offer you direct methods of making money through internet advertising and marketing campaigns.

When you’re looking for a great internet marketing company to work with, you need to make sure that they’re trustworthy. How do you know if a particular internet marketing company is trustworthy? You can check the Better Business Bureau website. This website keeps you updated on whether or not a particular internet marketing company has received any complaints. If you see a lot of bad reviews on a certain internet marketing company, you may want to steer clear of that company. Would You Rather Be Rich or Famous? This is Not a Trick Question.

A great internet marketing company will also have books that can benefit from internet marketing. This is a good way to get yourself educated in internet marketing and how to use it to your advantage. While you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy internet books, having internet books that can benefit from internet marketing is an investment that you will definitely appreciate. Good quality books about internet marketing are a great investment that every internet marketer should consider making.

Another great thing about internet marketing books is that many of them come at no charge. That means you can buy these books from your internet marketing company and never have to pay another dime. There are some internet marketing books out there that cost hundreds of dollars. So even if you don’t have that kind of money to spend right now, you can still buy these books because you can get them at no cost. You can easily find books like these if you do an online search.

The best internet marketing company will also offer books that can benefit from internet marketing. Many internet marketing companies offer books that can benefit from internet marketing, but not all of them do. You need to do a little bit of research to find out which internet marketing companies offer the best internet books. When you do find the books that can benefit from internet marketing, you need to read them all. This is the only way to make sure that you are learning what you need to learn in order to become an internet marketer in the best way possible.

When you purchase internet marketing books from an internet marketing company, you will be provided with a CD that you can use to listen to as you learn. There will be a series of eBooks that you can use as a reference when you are learning the things that you have been taught in the online courses. The eBooks and the CDs will also be available for download from the internet marketing company’s website. You will not have to worry about keeping them up to date because they will be constantly updated. They will also have a help section just for people who are new to internet marketing so they can get some help with their problems. If you are looking for great internet marketing books, then look for internet marketing books.

Email Newsletter: Do I Need An Autoresponder System

Are you always trying to do everything yourself and buying the cheapest solutions to save money?

The most important lesson I learned from my financial advisor is to invest in my business. Do painters use the cheapest brushes? No, because they cannot work as efficiently if they spend time picking loose bristles off their paint work and taking more brush stokes than necessary.

Similarly, if you intend to produce a regular e-newsletter, the management of a mailing list plus the writing, formatting and promoting of your newsletter could take valuable time out of your core business. If you want to look professional, be efficient and free your time from mundane tasks such as adding and deleting subscriptions, you should consider an autoresponder system.

I have been using an autoresponder system (or automatic email response program) for the past six months. It is not only worthwhile, it is indispensable. It enables me to send email newsletters and automatic follow-ups, view detailed demographical reports on my leads and track subscribers’ moves.

These are some of the benefits of using an autoresponder:


This is probably the best advantage offered by autoresponders.

  • Subscriptions: Subscribers can manage their own subscription e.g. subscribe or unsubscribe to your newsletter without you doing anything. No manual entering of data, your list is always up-to-date.
  • Follow-ups: you can write several personalised follow-ups that will be sent automatically in a predetermined order and at set intervals e.g. over the following days, weeks or months. A standard autoresponder provided by web hosts would only send out one immediate response.
  • Email newsletters: you can prepare many newsletters in advance and set the time you want those newsletters to be sent. Even when you are on holidays, your subscribers receive their personalised newsletter.


What good is an informative newsletter that is not delivered?

  • Spam filters: Many internet marketers are now complaining that their newsletters are blocked by spam filters. Your messages are more likely to be delivered if you use a reputable autoresponder provider who has relationships with major ISPs (Internet Service Providers).
  • Reporting: Do you know if your email newsletter is delivered? An autoresponder system monitors the delivery rate of your messages and you can view the report.

Tracking the activity of your subscribers enable you to trial new email marketing strategies and measure the results.

  • Subscription source: You can track from which web form subscribers join your mailing list by assigning a unique identifier to each form.
  • Split tests: To find out which web form generates more subscribers, you can place a special link on a web page that will automatically rotate different web forms on that same
    page. This is great for testing different headlines, colours, quantity of information, etc.
  • Opened newsletters: You can track how many newsletters are opened.
  • Links: You can track which links are clicked in your newsletter.

With an autoresponder system, you have the convenience of having all the following tools grouped together to streamline your work.

  • Web form generator: You can easily create standard web forms, pop-ups (traditional pop-ups, pop-unders and exit pop-ups) and hover pops without technical knowledge.
  • SpamAssassin(TM): The spam filtering tool checks your message, gives it a score (from 0 to 10, 0 being the optimal score) and displays the key areas that may be caught in spam filters.
    Text format scores lower than HTML messages. When I provided only an HTML newsletter, my SpamAssassin(TM) score was about 2.1. Since I am producing the newsletter in both text and HMTL, my spam score has dropped to roughly 1.4.
  • HTML editor: You can produce a professional HTML newsletter without having to learn HTML. An HTML editor with a tutorial video are supplied.
  • MIME protocol: Very few email programs do not support HTML but you may want to please all your subscribers. Create your email newsletter in both text and HTML. Because the autoresponder system supports the Text/HTML MIME (Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions) Protocol, the HTML version will be displayed to readers who can view it and the text backup to those who can’t.

A wide range of statistical reports are available in tables format, charts and downloadable Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. These are aggregated reports, i.e. they do not contain identifiable personal details. These reports include:

  • New leads: Number of new leads added per day, week or month.
  • Verified leads: Number of verified leads and how long it took the leads to send back the verification email.
  • Source of leads: How subscribers were added to the list: email to autoresponder, web form or manually imported.
  • Geographical area: Where the subscribers come from: by Country, State and City.
  • Broadcast message: The number and percentage of email newsletters that were sent, opened, clicked on or undelivered are displayed in a graph.

Legal protection
A reputable autoresponder provides precautionary measures to help you to be Can-Spam compliant and prevent you becoming a victim of false spam allegations. These simple measures include:

  • ‘Double opt-in’ or ‘verified opt-in’ method: Because anyone could have typed an email address in your web form without the owner’s knowledge or consent, it is important to confirm that the email address belongs to someone who wants to receive your information prior to sending your newsletter. The autoresponder provider has a system in place to easily set your opt-in and verification message. (This is the system you have been through to subscribe to this newsletter.)
  • Contact address: To comply with US Federal Can-Spam, your physical postal mail contact address is automatically inserted at the bottom of each message

You can create numerous mailing lists and each list has its own database that can be searched by:

  • Fields used in your web form.
  • IP (Internet Provider) information collected by the autoresponder
  • Status of your lead (date added, stopped, last follow-up)
  • and many other search criteria.

Educational material
Find an autoresponder provider that offers good customer support and comprehensive online documentation. Tutorials are a bonus. This is Barely Legal.But You Can Still Get Away With It.” A Review of “Put Your Internet Marketing on Steroids.

In conclusion

My list of benefits is not complete but you have enough information to realise the potential of having your autoresponder system.

Selecting an autoresponder provider is not easy. There are so many. After extensive research, I chose AWeber based on their enviable reputation amongst internet marketers.

How much does an autoresponder system cost? In my pre-purchase research, AWeber was in the mid-range price category of autoresponders on my short list. AWeber costs US$179.40 (approx AU$244) per year or equivalent to US$14.95 (approx AU$20) per month. At that price, it’s certainly value for money.

If you are in the market for an autoresponder, I can highly recommend AWeber system because it is easy to use, the customer service is excellent and their tracking system second to none. You can discover the many uses of an autoresponder by yourself with a test drive.

An autoresponder system should be part of your website toolbox not only to delivery your newsletter but to disseminate information, automate follow-ups and track your marketing efforts.

24 Reasons To Form Online Strategic Alliances

Part 1 of 2: Product sales and development

Strategic alliances are valuable affiliations or partnerships with similar or complementary businesses. They are not reserved for large corporations. Because of the nature of the web, you can easily link in with like-minded businesses to pool your resources and capture a greater share of the global market. By aligning yourself to carefully selected organisations and sharing your strengths, you can fast track your online success economically.

Killer Copy: Words That Are Like Magnets to Money

The success of strategic alliances depends on what each party brings into the relationship e.g. assets, experience and commitment and on what terms and conditions the relationship is defined e.g. joint venture, endorsement or partnership.

Strategic alliances can be useful to extend your product line, add new points of sales and consequently increase your turnover. Here are a few benefits of product strategic alliances:

  1. Expand your range of products
    Offer a wider selection of products by adding those of your strategic alliance partners to your regular offerings without incurring the cost of producing and distributing the goods. In some cases, you simply need to provide a link and direct product enquiries from your customers to your partner’s website. If a sale is made, you receive a referral commission. This type of alliance creates a new source of income.
  2. Cross-sell products
    A customer who enjoys your products is more likely to seek and follow your advice for future purchases because you have gained credibility. Recommend the products of your strategic alliance partners and receive a pre-negotiated referral commission on product sales. Because of your trusted recommendation, customers benefit from a shortened purchasing process (no need to research and review) and reduced element of risk in trialling new products.
  3. Supply holistic solutions
    Provide ‘complete’ solutions that require bundling your products with those of your strategic alliance partners. This is similar to the one-stop-shop principle where you find all products and services under the roof (in this case website). Buying a package deal for a fixed price is convenient, quick and relatively easy for the customer to order.
    Example: Some web site designers bundle their design services with hosting and domain name purchases. On the one hand, customers benefit from not having to deal with three different entities (web designer, web host and registrar) and having to work out the logistics. And on the other hand, web designers receive a commission on sales of their strategic alliance partners’ products whilst adding value to their own services.
  4. Create products jointly
    Develop new products drawing on skills and knowledge of each partner. Shared resources and expertise will gain lead time, reduce product development costs and may also widen the appeal of your product.
  5. Develop new applications
    Tailor products from your strategic alliance partners to meet the needs of your own market and likewise, your partners can find new uses or applications for your products.
    Example: My book ‘200 Marketing Ideas for Your Website’ has found a new lease of life with one of my strategic alliance partners. It is now sold as a human resource management tool for recruiting staff and volunteers on the web.
  6. Invite an expert
    Form a strategic alliance with an expert in your field who will answer questions from your website visitors. Advertise your products on the sidebar where the answer to the problem is displayed and have the expert recommend your products when appropriate. From this arrangement, the expert can benefit from free publicity for his services and possibly a commission on your product sales.
  7. Increase perceived value
    This is a win-win-win situation. By offering a product from a strategic alliance partner as a bonus, you add value to your own product, the customer benefits from a freebie and your strategic alliance partner gets a special introduction. Naturally, this can be a reciprocal arrangement where a strategic alliance partner offers your sample or promotional product.
    Example: Give away a half-hour introductory consultation with your partner or a promotional ebook valued at $29 with each sale of your product. All parties benefit from this transaction.
  8. Gain product acceptance and credibility
    To increase the attractiveness of your products or services, have a reputable expert in your field endorsing them. As part of the alliance, give a commission on product sales and advertise the expert’s own products and services on your website.
  9. Pre-sell products
    Recommend products and services from your strategic alliance partners. When a product receives a favourable mention, as in an article or review, it is usually ‘pre-sold’ to the customer i.e. the customer has already made his mind to buy the product, before the click on the purchasing link to the partner’s website. You may want to produce articles and reviews for your own products that your strategic alliance partners can publish on their websites.
  10. Increase your sales force
    Your strategic alliance provides an additional sales force. With more people and more websites to promote your business, your sales should increase.
  11. Develop new distribution channels
    Add new points of sales for your products using your strategic alliance partners’ locations to service your customers. This will reassure those customers who are uneasy about purchasing over the web.
  12. Exchange knowledge and products
    Save on operational costs by trading products and services for free or discount prices with your strategic alliance partners.
    Example: Within the National Speakers Association, we ‘pick each other’s brains’, refer customers and sell each other’s books. This strategy enables us to increase our knowledge base and provide new distribution channels for our products.

By forming strategic alliances with like-minded people, you can build on each other’s brand equity without incurring costs.

In the next part, we look at how online strategic alliances can increase the visibility and market share of your business and conclude with a short checklist of issues to consider before forming a strategic alliance.

Traffic from FFA’s. Really

Back in the old days (in Internet time, two years ago was “the old days”), submitting your site to free link pages (AKA Free-for-All Link Pages or “FFA” pages) was not a bad way to promote your business. That is, for a small amount of effort, you could get a medium amount of traffic.

The theory was: “If you submit to one hundred FFA sites, you may get a click or two. Automate this process and submit to hundreds and you may end up with a decent amount of traffic.”

Eventually, software appeared which would submit your FFA links to hundreds of pages at a time. The solution to your traffic-building woes, right?

As you probably know by now, this just isn’t the case. It doesn’t work that way, and here’s why:

Once this automation software began to proliferate, the effectiveness of the FFA postings went down dramatically. That is, your listing would last about 10 minutes on any given page since there were hundreds of other people out there submitting at any given time. It stands to reason that if your FFA listing shows up on a page for less time, your link has a smaller chance of getting seen. 

So, what I’m saying is, if you are submitting using a popular software program, your chances of getting traffic from those postings is lessened.That is why the FFA submission feature in Webmaster Multi Tool is free: 

Now, my company still submits to FFAs on a regular basis. Why?

Two reasons:

1. There *is* still a way to submit to FFA sites that will get you good traffic, and it will probably surprise you. It’s something most people don’t take advantage of.

2. There is a whole other reason to submit to FFAs that will bring you traffic *indirectly*.

Are you confused? Don’t worry, it will be clear in a minute.

Now, as for #1, this is really cool. Remember the paradox about FFA submissions – if you could automate, you would increase your chances of getting seen, but the act of automation itself actually lessened the overall result. What if you could automate the process *without* lessening the result? Wouldn’t that be great?

The good news is that you can automate and still get results. An amazing little tool called “Free Link Finder” takes all the good things about FFA submitting and removes all the bad.

You see, the paradox occurred because everyone using the software was using the same list. If you were submitting to a list of FFA pages that no one else was using, wouldn’t your chances for exposure increase? Of course they would – dramatically!

Free Link Finder does this by spidering the net (based on search criteria you feed it), finding FFA pages, and submitting to them one by one. You simply give the program a set of search criteria and set it loose. Then go on about your other important business while the app generates traffic for you. This is very cool.

I use this app all the time and the results are *far* better than what I get using a canned list everyone else is using. Since the sites to which I’m submitting are generally pages that are submitted to less often, every submission I make brings exponentially better results than what I would get from a FFA submitter that submits to the same list over and over.

Give this a shot and see for yourself. (Keep in mind that a well crafted title for your submission will increase your results even more. As always, experiment with various titles to see what works best.)

OK, so what about Reason #2? It takes a few logical jumps to understand how this works, but let’s give it a shot:

a. Some search engines use “link popularity” when deciding how to rank your pages. That is, if more sites are linking to you, your link popularity is higher. The logic being that if more people link to you, the quality and importance of your site is probably higher. (The free version of Webmaster  Multi Tool lets you check your link popularity on all  of the engines that support it.)

b. If you can somehow increase your link popularity, all of your listings in the engines will be given a bit more weight.

c. You can artificially increase your site’s link popularity by submitting to FFA pages. That is, many of the FFA pages to which you submit will be spidered by the engines. Your links will be found and increase the link popularity for that particular URL. This is an instant, automated way of giving your listings a boost.

Now, let’s turn this into an action plan. This information will only increase your traffic when you *act on it*.

*Action Plan*:

OK, let’s put all this together. Here is an action plan you can use to increase traffic to your site with just a small amount of effort on your part: 

– Basic Steps

a. Use the free version of Webmaster Multi Tool to  check your site’s link popularity. 

b. Use the free version of Webmaster Multi Tool to submit your site to over 1,000 FFA pages. 

Then, check your link popularity again one month later. It should be higher by at least a few hundred.

– Advanced Steps

c. Download Free Link Finder and begin using it regularly: Free Link Finder

d. Over time, you will build a huge list of FFA pages to which you can submit. The URLs of each of these pages are saved to a file. Upload this file as an HTML page to your site. Then, turn the Swiss Army App spider submitter loose on that page and submit each of those FFA URLs to the engines. Do this *right after* you submit to the FFA pages. This will ensure each of those FFA pages is spidered by the engines. Do this once a week. 

e. Check your link popularity after doing this for two months. It will have gone through the roof.

Remember folks, this information will only increase your traffic when you act on it. Download both of those apps now before you forget. This is an easy way to increase your traffic.

Marketing in a Tough Economy – Do’s & Dont’s

Many businesses are facing new realities in the changed economic scenario- specially the small business.

Everyday you must be facing these problems-

  • Sorry the budget has been cut down this year.
  • Sorry the higher management has ordered to hold all new purchases.
  • Sorry, this project has been postponed.
  • Sorry, we want to buy only from reputed vendors.

Smaller business owners are at their wit’s end. How do you retain your sales volume and margins? Here are some Do’s and Dont’s for you to survive these times as a small business. How To Turn Features Into Benefits or The Meat And Potatoes Of Successful Advertising

DO’S –

  • You have to totally focus on Direct Marketing – offers and marketing where you can directly measure the Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Stay in constant touch with your existing customers. Retaining the existing customers and getting repeat business from them should be your highest priority.
  • Be consistent with your advertising. If you are not regular in your advertising, the customer will not have top-of-mind recall for you and place the order to someone else when they do have the budget finally.
  • Find out ways to get more referral business. As the referral helps you to close the new sale very easily, you should do everything in your power to reward the customer who provided the reference.
  • Do these three things. Test, test and test. You must absolutely positively test each and every promotion and see which ones are producing better results. Then replace the weaker ones and again test, test and test.


  • Don’t spend your money on general brand building ads. You just can’t afford the luxury during an economic slowdown. In fact a small business can never afford to waste money on brand building advertising that does not produce direct and quick response.
  • Don’t ignore your existing customers. New customer acquisition is considered 7 times more expensive than retaining your current customer. Don’t let this investment go waste.

The 7 Truths of Being An Affiliate.

In November 2002 I found myself bored and online one night. I decided to have a look on the web for a way of making some extra cash. I found something called an E-book (no idea what that meant back then) called “1000 Ways to Make Money”. I devoured this book. I found myself more and more excited from the ideas I was reading. The final money making idea in that book was “Start a website to promote this book and make 40% commission for doing so”. Great! A business for me to start doing something I enjoy – tinkering with websites. I was a happy man.

I bought myself a domain name and some hosting. I took out all my old books on HTML and got to work. “I can easily earn a couple of thousand in the next 2 or 3 months doing this”, I thought. “Setup a website, link it to the authors website and make money. Easy. The search engines will love my new website and the sales will come rolling in. I can quit my job!”.

BOOM. 6 months or so later the dream was over. Day dawned and my eyes opened up a bit. The only money that had changed hands was money going from my pocket into someone elses. SEO, PPC, Ebook, Guru, Ezine, auction, advertise, link, reciprocal, monetize blah blah blah. These terms swam around in my head day and night. I stopped and realized it was time to re-evaluate my new “business”. I jotted down some of the lessons I’ve learned. I hope you can benefit from my hard earned experience.

Truth 1

There is no easy way to get rich. It takes work. A lot of work but it is SO rewarding when you make your first affiliate commissions.

Truth 2

There are no Gurus. Gurus are the guys who have made their money and are now going to get even even richer flogging us the next “quick fix”. Somebody calling themselves a guru is like me walking around my hometown shouting “behold I am your Messiah”. Yes that would be utterly ridiculous. So is calling yourself a guru.

Truth 3

There are no quick fixes. I would suggest that you ignore anybody offering you a quick fix to making money online – it’s a scam whatever they’re offering.

Truth 4

If it makes you uneasy then don’t get involved with it. If it looks like a dog, smells like a dog and walks like a dog…. well…… it’s a dog.

Truth 5

There are no quick and permanent fixes to good search engine rankings. It takes work, good content and common sense. With the right tools (some of these are free) and information anybody can increase their search engine rankings – believe me I’m living proof.

Truth 6

Don’t believe the hype. If you read a sales letter on a website remember that its job is to convince you to buy the product. As my mother would say “Believe half of what you hear and none of what you read”.

Truth 7

Content is king. Interesting, involving content is what keeps people coming back to your site. There are gimmicks that can “generate” content for you but they have a limited lifespan. If you can’t write content then hire someone who can.

Are you scared now? Yes? Good! At least now you might realize the simple truth. Affiliate selling isn’t easy. It’s a whole heap of fun when it’s going well and totally disheartening when it’s not. Just like a normal, real, honest-to-God business. That’s the hardest lesson to learn folks. Doing business online is just like doing business offline – ye gotta work at it.

If you want a good guide to starting your own affiliate business then I suggest you check out the Super Affiliate Handbook.

If you’re serious about increasing your Search Engine Rankings then check out Rankings Revealed.

And last but not least if you want solid information on creating your own cotent then have a look at Turn Your Words Into Traffic or Create Website Content Fast.



Been Fishin’ Lately? The Trotline Marketing Principle

Although my Dad, a skilled fisherman, took me with him many times as I was growing up, I never became much of a fisherman. I enjoyed catching the fish, but all the waiting bored me terribly. And, then there was the messy job of cleaning the catch!

As a teenager, I remember going to the Ochlocknee River with other kids and stringing a trotline (also called a setline) across it to catch catfish. This “foray” lasted all night while the trotlines were “tended”.

For those of you who may not know, a trotline is a heavy cord with multiple fishing lines strung from it. Each of the individual fishing lines can have one or more baited hooks for fishing at various depths. The trotline is then strung across a stream, lake or pond. Tending the trotline consists of periodically removing the caught fish and re-baiting the hooks.

These principles of trotline fishing can be applied to internet marketing. We’re talking about developing multiple streams of income here.

As with a trotline, you’re going after a particular breed of fish – your niche market.

Many hooks make for many opportunities to catch fish. If you’re banking on one product or service you’ve greatly reduced your income potential. Increase the opportunity to make sales by expanding your product line.

Fish come in different sizes so the hooks and bait need to be sized as well. If you want only big fish, use only big hooks and large bait. If you want to attract various sizes, use assorted sizes of hooks and bait. Are you offering something to both the budget-minded and big spenders?

If you offer infoproducts, your customers are likely to have different levels of knowledge or be at different stages of the learning process. Do you offer products or services to suit all their wants?

Nine Steps to Better Sleep.

It can be difficult to have a product of your own for each sub-niche within your main niche. Conversely, it is usually easy to locate a few reseller or affiliate products/services to complement your own. Devote the time necessary to develop a full line of products and services. Find out what your customer wants. Search until you find it. Then present it to them in an attractive package.

The bait must appeal to the fish or they’ll never take the bait. You must “package” your products in a way that appeals to your customers. This usually means touting the benefits of owning your product. Learn to do it well and back it up with a free trial or money back guarantee.

Finally, tend that trotline! If your bait isn’t attracting any fish, change the bait … rewrite your copy, rename your product, etc. Take care of the fish that you’ve already caught … stay in touch with your customers. Send out a newsletter, bulletin, or special discount offers. Move your trotline … try different methods of advertising, advertise in a different vehicle, etc.

Apply the trotline principle to all of your internet marketing efforts and reap the benefits of a bigger catch. Enjoy your success, then take a break … GO FISHIN’!

A Direct Response Minisite Can Be A Sticky Situation!

Direct response minisites are designed to force one of three responses: 1) Buy now, 2) Bookmark now, buy later, or 3) Leave. Adding a little content can make it search engine friendly and cause visitors to return.

You’ll find some who say that a direct response minisite is the only way to market on the Internet. Others say that a content rich site is the better way to go.

Proponents of direct response marketing maintain that a minisite can be set up in a matter of hours or days whereas a content rich site can require weeks or even months to build. And a minisite will start producing an income long before a content rich site can be up and running.


The negative is that direct response minisites aren’t attractive to search engines and consequently do not rank well. This makes it virtually impossible to find in a search. This means that all traffic must be generated via advertising of some sort. Nothing wrong with that IF the conversion rate produces profit.

On the other hand, a content rich site can produce free traffic. It takes time and planning to rank well in the search engines, but when that is accomplished they will generate free traffic (and sales) for your site.

Of course, even a content rich site can’t depend solely on the search engines to generate all their traffic. Advertising is an essential part of producing targeted traffic.

Why not combine the positives of both?

Build your minisite. Get your product offering online now. Advertise in pay per click search engines and ezines. Set up some joint venture offerings with websites and ezine editors that cater to your target audience.

This tactic will produce instant results and sales. Start slow. Then tweak your sales copy until you get a decent conversion rate and return on investment.

Then gradually transform your direct response minisite into a theme site. Add a dozen or so articles that directly relate to your product. Exchange links with a few other sites that fit your theme. Offering an affiliate program is a good way to do this.

Now that you’ve got content and links, your site has suddenly become attractive to search engines. Tweak your pages, title, description and keyword meta tags to take full advantage of search engine algorithms. Then, manually submit your site to the popular search engines.

Add a few more articles or info pages every month and resubmit to the search engines. It may take a few months, but you will eventually notice an increase in traffic.

Publish an ezine and give away a freebie to new subscribers. Advertise your ezine on every page. And/or use an exit popup window to solicit subscribers.

Plug in one or two related affiliate products to create multiple income streams from your site.

Then, do it all over again with another new product!

In a few years you will have developed a steady stream of income from your Internet business.

When a product becomes stale and stops selling, update it or replace it with another. Stick to your theme if possible. Use the same URL to take advantage of your existing search engine traffic.

A Word About Web Hosting:

Membership Sites- Your Money Making Venture Online.

If you’re going to have separate domains for each product (you should), you’ll need a web host that allows you to add domains to your package without paying the full price for each one. You can get a package that allows 300MB of space and 10 gig monthly traffic for $24.95 per month. You can add additional domains for $5.00. And, you can sell hosting as an affiliate. For more info visit

What’s the *secret* of creating an Internet income? Get started. Learn from your mistakes. Apply what you learn. Don’t quit. That’s all there is to it! See you on the web!

Hoppy Could’ve Made It Big On The Internet.

I’m about to date myself here, but when I was a small child Roy Rogers was the Saturday Matinee hero. So, naturally, I had the Roy Rogers gun and holster set and all the trimmings. When I played, in my mind I WAS Roy Rogers. (Some of you remember those days.)

There was another cowboy hero who came along before Roy that I practically ignored. He was *Hoppy*, Hopalong Cassidy. For some reason he never caught my fancy.

That is, until a few days ago when I happened to watch a documentary on the Western Channel entitled, *Hopalong Cassidy, Public Hero Number One*.

What does all this have to do with Internet marketing? Please hang in here with me and I’ll explain.

The documentary was about the actor, William Boyd, who portrayed Hoppy. Boyd started out as a Hollywood leading man in the 1930’s. He was a “party animal” who consumed a lot of alcohol and had the failed marriages to go with it. Something happened though that changed his life.

A stage actor with the same name, got involved in a scandal and the newspapers mistakenly identified him as the other William Boyd. Boyd’s movie contract was terminated.

A couple of years later, after the scandal had passed, he was given the opportunity to star as Hopalong Cassidy. But then, after he starred in a number of movies, the studio decided to cancel the series.

Turns out, the role of Hopalong became Boyd’s passion. He sold everything he owned, borrowed money, and bought the rights to the movies. He formed his own company, Hopalong Cassidy Productions, Inc. and began producing movies, TV episodes, etc.

He also did numerous personal appearance tours and endorsed many products. (He refused to endorse chewing gum because he didn’t chew gum!) He became a model hero for kids all over the world. And, even though he made a fortune, he continued to live in a modest home.

Pay attention – this is how the story relates to the Internet. Boyd had a true *passion* for his character. He was offered other roles, but turned them down. He risked everything when he bought the rights to the Hopalong Cassidy movies. What could drive him to take such a risk? Simple. He was passionate about the Hopalong Cassidy role. He was Hopalong Cassidy!

Hopalong was Boyd’s *niche*. Thousands upon thousands of Hopalong Cassidy fans, both kids and parents, became his niche market. His motivation wasn’t to *get rich quick*. No, he was totally motivated by his passion.

If you want to become a successful Internet marketer, start by finding your passion. Do it because you love it! Let THAT be your motivation. It will push you forward through the long hours of hard work. (Remember, making a lot of money isn’t the *only* definition of success.):-)

Define your niche market; those who share your passion. Market products and services that you use yourself and can honestly recommend (including products you create). The Internet marketing experts all agree. Persevere and the profits will eventually follow.

Watching this William Boyd documentary helped me to understand the power behind my passion. I was advised against initiating an Internet business with this theme because of the enormous competition. But, sink or swim, I MUST pursue that about which I’m passionate.

That passion is do-it-yourself web site design and internet marketing. I’ve been *dabbling* in it for over three years… more as a hobby than anything else. I’ve learned a lot. I’m no guru, but I sincerely like to help people by sharing what I’ve learned from experience.

My goal is to build one of the best web design and internet marketing resource websites on the web. Besides teaching simple web design, it will also be an Internet marketing *vortal*. From, you’ll be able to *jump* to the web- sites of internet marketing’s recognized experts, and find the tools, help, training, and information you need to succeed.

After several hundred hours of preparation, just launched in September 2001, with over 400 pages of web design and internet marketing information and resources.

If this wasn’t my passion, I would’ve given up months ago. The experts are right. Passion WILL keep you plowing forward toward your goals and dreams long after the desire to make money fails.

Find your passion. Pursue your dream. Relentlessly!