Latest Stress Control Suggestions

Stress is a major menace of our times. Findings indicate that 70-90 percent of the population today is suffering from some kind of stress (in the workplace and elsewhere). Isn’t this really alarming?

To combat this growing menace competent physicians expert in the field of stress control and management have suggested several measures. Some of the latest suggestions offered by them are:

  • Find time to relax and drink a cup of tea two to three times a day. Pure teas have a very soothing and relaxing effect on the whole system and have been proved by researchers to be one of the best stress busters. Herbal teas i.e. teas prepared from various herbs acclaimed for their medicinal and curative properties over the ages are a wonderful option. However, it is suggested that teas should not be mixed with milk and/or refined sugar for giving the best results.
  • Rudraksha- a bead obtained from an Indian tree has been found to be very effective in stress management. This is actually a fruit that is believed to possess miraculous powers. It finds usage in spiritual and occult practices. It is the proven curative effect of the fruit on several physiological and psychological diseases that it is being brought into use in stress management. Wearers of these beads tied in a string or chain have testified to its remarkable stress reducing properties.
  • Good planning and setting up of realistic and achievable targets is a key stress control measure. You need to identify your priorities and goals and pursue only those and organize your time accordingly. This will keep stress and tension at bay.
  • Eating sensibly helps ease out tension and reduce stress too. Make sure you avoid caffeine. You must resolve never to try coping with high levels of stress by using alcohol or drugs. These will do more harm than good.
  • Set aside a period for complete relaxation in your daily schedule. Just a 25-20 minutes time spent each day in an undisturbed atmosphere and taking of 40 deep and slow diaphragmatic breaths will considerably help out in managing stress. Practicing some aerobic exercises like jogging, swimming or simply walking will further help in providing freedom from stress.

Though researchers are finding out new stress control measures such as these yet we must understand that the root cause of the problem lies in the busy modern way of life that we follow. This way of life as characterized by hectic activity, tight deadlines and packed schedules is very much taxing on our system thereby affecting both our physical and mental health in more ways than one. Now, since we cannot change our lifestyle altogether we need advocate at least some of the advanced stress busting measures as suggested above.

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