My Brother in Georgia

I have an older brother, Vernon, who lives in Columbus, Georgia. He, like most of the rest of the family, is an avid golfer. I envy Vern because he is able to play golf year round. He knows this is a hot button for me, and will call during the winter months and tell me what he shot that day, what the weather conditions were and what the course was like. He doesn’t do this to be cruel, I’m sure, but nonetheless it makes me sad that he has this opportunity and I am denied. I have visited him in the late spring and with the high temperatures and humidity I almost had heat stroke. To be fair, this was less than a year after I moved from Alaska and I considered seventy-five degrees to be tropical! I want to visit again now that I have been living in the lower 48 for over three years – I think I could give a better showing this time…
I have a fantasy I play out in my mind as to what I would do if I ever hit the MEGA BUCKS lottery for the “big one.” Part of that fantasy is to buy a block of houses on a golf course for my wife and me, and all of our golf buddies. Each and every day we would have the same tee times and play to our hearts’ content. The houses would have a two car garage and a separate half-garage for the golf cart. In this community you would be able to drive your golf cart everywhere including the town square where food and entertainment is offered. Along with the houses I would purchase for them, there would be a large lump of money. This money would mean they could retire and not have to worry about where their next Jaguar was coming from. We, of course, would take golf holidays from time to time and play all of the fabled courses through out the world. As a group we would also attend the finest golf instruction schools available and improve our game to the point where we were all scratch golfers!

To do all of this properly I would need to win a lottery that left me with $90 million after taxes. I always say, if you are going to dream, dream BIG!

I have not shared this with my brothers until now but there is no harm in sharing as I have not won the “big one.” Not yet anyhow.

So Vern, when you read this you will know what plans I have for you and a select group of our friends. I also want you to know that your cart will have the wet bar and mine will have air conditioning. I only ask that you always keep a caffeine free diet Pepsi on ice for me.

Keep swinging.


I have recently retired and can now indulge in the one passion I have had all of my life, golf. I was an Army brat and each Army post had a golf course and a bowling alley. To earn money, I set pins and caddied.

Automatic pin setters came into use long before the courses had carts for the golfers so my interest stayed with the links. One thing the Army courses lacked was a professional teaching staff so my swing, stance and other fundamentals were developed by watching the golfers. Soon, I spent all of the money I earned on rental clubs, balls, gloves, tees and course fees. I did not own the proper shoes until I was an adult.

I have been playing golf for over 45 years and although it is my passion I chose to live 26 of those years in Alaska where golf was limited by the short season and the hard to get tee times.

I am also a stage actor and have performed in over 100 stage productions. I have made television commercials, voice over work on the radio, and print advertising.

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