Poverty is not for the Poor

Poverty means lack of food, shelter, clothing and opportunities for work and education. It is the lack of supply for the needs of the community. Poverty has grown abruptly and we are left clinging in the hands of time waiting to be fed and nourished. It is doing and having what you wanted to do but doing nothing at all for the reason you remain incapable.

In a different perception, poverty is a result for having a poor management. In order to have a good government, it should be run by good public officials. If they perform their tasks defectively, our resources are affected, the poor becomes poorer and our economy declines. Since poverty is on the mount, we need to have a good government to heal all the economic deficiencies and political operations. If we lack resources, investing would be impossible.

Poverty in countries is being measured by the amount or value of the goods and resources they produce. So, the lesser resources and productions we have, the lesser opportunity is at stake for us. The lesser chances, the more probability we will sink in debt.

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With poverty on the rush, how do we set alternatives to increase our livelihood? How do we invest and compete in a global world? How do provide ourselves with good valuable resources? We start by improving and enhancing our skills in order to bring forth more income to our families at the same time uplifting our nation’s economy. That is, focusing in the rural communities. Watching and maintaining our natural resources would bring investments and exports which makes way to manpower or employment in rural communities. Rural places are mainly our source of natural resources such as fisheries and vegetation so these must be taken good care of.

The government should get rid of those political people who are after ranks, money and fame. Corruption eats the country’s investments. The poor are to be given much attention because no matter how high investments the rich may obtain, the percentage of the unemployed is a mere affecting factor. While the poor strives hard to impart their service and strength, they generously corrupt and spend the blood and perspiration for luxury. Instead of having our resources acquired by the poor, they continue to exploit the money for their own personal pleasures. Sticky Sites: News Feeds.

It is important that we give the poor equal rights. Being poor or being born poor is not a sin. They are not bound for discriminations or grievances because they have the right to being protected from corruption. If possible, to lessen their burden of paying taxes because they are unable to benefit from it if there are. Appointing political positions to families and friends should be prevented because it is the root of corruption. They are neglected the chance to be acquainted to forums and programs of the government for what appear to be unfair.

Eventually, the poor will play a pertinent role to the success of our community because they know ho to strive and persevere and value work and money. If we want to overcome the effect of poverty, equal rights should be practiced and not set the standard of living as the basis of comparing life status.

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