Specialize For Greater Profits.

If you’re familiar with the works of Napoleon Hill, you know that one of his Laws Of Success is the Law of Specialized Knowledge.

By specializing you can save yourself:

** Time

** Money

** Aggravation

There are three main areas of specialization to consider when making out your business plan.

1. The types of products and services you’re going to promote.

2. Your target market.

Your target market will help determine which products and services you’ll promote.

3. Your method of marketing and promotion.

Many new marketers, fall into the same trap I fell into when I came online.

They make the mistake of trying to spread their selves too thin. They mistakenly believe that the more products they promote, the greater their chances for success.

The problem with that approach is when you try to be all things to everyone, you usually end up confusing your customers. How to get what you want from anyone by…Negotiating Without Giving Up One-Red Cent Of Your Hard-Earned Money.

It makes it much harder for them to identify you as an expert.

Become known in one area of your market first and then if you decide to diversify, make sure the product or services you add compliment your main market.

Once you’ve determined your target market and the products and services you’re going to promote, the next step is to determine how you’re going to promote your business.

The first step is to eliminate the newbie traps. There are many methods that may produce some results, but they’re either extremely time intensive, or the return on investment is too low to justify the expenditure of funds.

There are a few core methods that produce results that justify the time spent and, or have an excellent return on investment.

* Ezine Advertising

* Joint Ventures

* eCourses

* Brandable eBooks

* Writing Articles

* Search Engines

* Pay Per Click Search Engines

* Strategic Linking

As you can see there are enough profitable methods to choose from without getting caught wasting time and money on the methods that are only of value to the owner of the program. RSS: Grassroots Support Leads to Mass Appeal.

By acquiring specialized knowledge in the use of any of the above methods, you should begin to notice:

* Your profits rising

* Less time wasted

* Your marketing will become stress free

Once you’ve developed your expertise in one of the core methods of promotion, you can add to your arsenal.

The method you choose will depend on your temperament and how much study you’re willing to do.

Some methods are easier to master then others.

You have to decide for yourself which method gets you excited enough to do the work necessary to make it succeed.

Begin to apply the Law of Specialized Knowledge and you’ll be head and shoulders above your competition.

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