Sunglass Displays & Sunglass Racks

Want to sell sunglasses? 

Just buy some Sunglass Racks and let your customer pick their choice while they walk around.

Where to display your sunglasses?

There are two different approaches on how you capture your market. Customers are more conscious when entering a store than when leaving. So if you decide to keep your sunglasses’ racks at the entrance of your store then you can expect to attract customers who are looking for sunglasses. This method is recommended if the sunglasses are of higher prices than normal.

To attract impulsive buyers the second approach is better where the sunglasses are displayed near the cash register. By this way he is allowed to browse through the sunglasses while waiting in queue. However this process counts for the impulsive nature of the buyer, i.e. he was not even thinking of buying the sunglasses at first. In this approach it is expected to sell more pairs which are comparatively less expensive than others.

How the sunglasses be displayed?

This apparently trifling thing should never be neglected. It is better to arrange the sunglasses in rotating racks. This benefits the customer who can quickly select different brands without actually moving around and can try on their choices at ease. When displayed near the cash register a different approach is necessary. Here a waist-level small and very long rack serves the purpose as it grabs the attention of the waiting customer in the queue.

It is always advisable to display the best pairs at the consumer’s eye level. By using this subliminal technique used in grocery stores, the first thing that an approaching customer sees will be your best item to offer.


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