Targeted Return Traffic+Good Ad Copy = Sales.

TRAFFIC! How much are you getting? How often are your visitors returning? Everyone is talking about it and with good reason…If you combine good ad copy with targeted traffic which keeps returning, you will make sales. We could actually show the equation like this:
Targeted Return Traffic + Good Ad Copy = Sales

It can actually be as simple as that…But Let me explain a little further. “Targeted Traffic” refers to website visitors which are interested in your products or services. If you just wanted general traffic at your site, you could run banner ads that just said FREE or get high rankings on search engines under the keyword “FREE.” This type of traffic wouldn’t do you much good though, because it would be made up of people who are just looking for Freebies and wouldn’t be willing to purchase anything.

You need to be more specific in your traffic generation and that is what I am referring to in “Targeted” Traffic. Return traffic simply means that your visitors have seen something which is worth their time to visit again. If you can do this, then you are halfway to a sale.

The second part of the equation is writing Good Ad Copy which we often discuss in this newsletter.

We are not going to get into Ad Copy in this article as it is a whole subject in itself. I want you today to focus on the Return Traffic specifically in your mind. Most marketers will tell you that it takes at least 7 contacts with a prospect to make the maximum number of sales possible.

How are you going to get your visitors to return to your site at least 7 times? What incentive are you going to give to them to do this? You have to think about this kind of thing when you create or edit your site.

As a prospect, why should I return…to read another ad? I don’t think so. What am I going to get out of it?

The most successful webmasters are those who have figured out a solution to this problem. They have answered the big question, “Why should I return?”

Have you?

Here are some simple solutions which have been developed to help you to produce return visitors at your site:

1) Create an Ezine

This has been said again and again, but it bears repeating to you once more. Creating a very targeted ezine is one of the most powerful things you can do in your business
online. It will give you the chance to keep in touch with your prospects constantly while providing useful information to them.

You could create a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly ezine for your visitors. What do your targeted visitors need to know? What do they need to learn? Give it to them! This is the number one way many of the best webmasters are keeping in touch with prospects and making money online…

2) Start a Message Board

If you go to the home or small business sites which have the most traffic, almost without fail, every one of them has a message board or forum. These can be incredible traffic generators for any site no matter what industry you are in.

They honestly take a lot of work to get started, but they can keep your visitors coming back constantly. Some of the boards I visit actually have as many as a dozen hits by each individual daily on their site just because of the message board.

3) Schedule a Chat Room

This one is a little more difficult, but you can schedule weekly chats which you announce on your website, message board, and in your ezine. Schedule a specific time for your chats and then invite other experts on your subject if possible.

Make it a good time for all involved and a learning time for everyone. After some time, you will start building a real community atmosphere at your site through techniques such as this.

4) Open a Free Information Section

Provide the best information possible on your website. Constantly add new free reports to your site. Solicit other writers to help you provide the right information to your prospects. Many of the online writers will be very glad to provide you with their material as long you give them proper credit and link to their site.

Develop a site which honestly helps your prospects and you will not have much trouble turning them into customers.

5) Run a Contest

Contests can be a great way to build traffic at a website. I don’t want to limit you to a specific type of contest as I mention this point, because I have seen all types of contests being run online with great success. Use your imagination when it comes to this area, because uniqueness can be very important in your contest’s success.

One of my favorite types of contests (From a sales standpoint) is the type of contest where you need to search the website to find specific things. You could call it a type of online scavenger hunt of sorts. Announce in your newsletter or message board that the first 10 people who find the clue (Be imaginative) inside of your domain win a FREE Link (Worth $99 or whatever) for one year. Make it exciting and people to devour all of your site to find the clue.

6) Use Free Links, Classifieds, & Postcard Systems

Free For All Link sites, classifieds, and postcard systems can all be used on your site to help you generate return traffic. They all are there for the same purpose…to get return traffic.

People will keep coming back to your site again and again if you can give them a good reason to. Any of these types of things will help them in their business, provide entertainment, and give them that reason to come back. Employ them on your site.

Remember the equation…Targeted Return Traffic + Good Ad Copy = Sales

You have written a killer site and have spent some time and money on advertising…What are you doing to get your visitors to keep coming back? Hopefully, you are using the techniques I have shown you today or will start using them asap.

They can mean the difference between a successful website or a dud. Even the write ad copy won’t make a difference if you can’t get your visitors to read it. These tools will help you to get them to read it not just once, but again and again.

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