Top10 Tips on Promoting Your Blog.

1) Aim to provide quality content. Whatever the topic or style, popular blogs are always well written. Good photographs and illustrations are also well sought after. Offer them if and when you can.

2) Blog regularly. If you don’t update your blog often enough, blog readers will move on. There are too many blogs out there competing for attention. Blog readers will go where they can get enough of what they want.

3) Define the type of readers you want to have and create content for them. This will give them reason to link back to your blog on an ongoing basis. Try not to stray from your typical topics and style too much. For example, if you tend to write ‘touchy-feely’ and positive blog entries, your readers might be turned off if you start posting rants filled with expletives.

4) Think about keywords with your use of titles, links and blog posts. Search engines like Google take these things in to consideration. The more targeted your keywords, the better the chances of your blog appearing in search results.

5) Participate in communities. Social networking plays an important role in blogging. Taking part in memes and collaborations, for example, is one way to be active in the blogosphere.

6) Get involved in people’s blogs. Leave thoughtful comments (not just the ‘Visit my blog!’ type of comments) and try to respond to emails.

7) Mention your blog anywhere you possibly can – in your email signature, in forums, in your business card (if you feel you can mention your blog in your business or profession), in address labels and in conversations with friends.

8) Submit your blog to directories and registries.

9) Make sure you set your blog to ping blog tracking sites like every time you make an update.

10) Consider making use of free and inexpensive advertising tools. If you decide to advertise your site, either online or offline, make sure you prepare attention grabbing ad copy. Study the type of ads that attract you and see what makes them work.

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