Promoting your business on the internet is a never ending process. You cannot afford to place some advertisements and then sit back to watch the results roll in. To do so would doom your business to failure. Instead, each day, you need to be doing something to promote your business.

So what are some of the things you could be doing each day to promote your business? I will run through some ideas for you. This is not a complete list – just some ideas to get you started.

Write An Article.

A great way to demonstrate your expertise and to entice people to your web site is to write an article and submit it to various newsletters. Ensure that you choose newsletters your prospective customers are likely to be reading. Ensure that at the end of your article is a resource box that refers the reader to your site or your ezine.

Place Some Free Classified Ads

Look for places where you can place some free classified ads. A good place to start is the classified ads at Yahoo. This is a high traffic site that is well worth posting to. If you don’t get responses to your ad on Yahoo – then it is likely that you won’t get results anywhere else also. So spend the time to get your ad right on Yahoo before trying other places. Test and test and test until your ad is pulling responses on Yahoo. Then place it in other free classified ad sites.

Invite Referrals

Amend your site or add to your ezine a request that your visitors refer your site to their friends. If you don’t ask people to do this, they usually won’t. It doesn’t take much to add this request. MasterRecommend is a CGI Script that is worth having a look at and testing on your site. More details can be found at: http://www.willmaster.com/master/

Work on one of your web pages to make it search engine friendly

Review one of your web pages to ensure that it is key word rich and attractive to the search engines. A useful tool to assist you with this is WebPosition Gold. For more details on this software, please visit: http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R379_WPG. Once you have improved your page, resubmit it to the search engines using WebPosition Gold.

Add Interesting Content

Add a new page to your website that contains content that your visitors will be interested in reading. Ensure that the page is submitted to the search engines also. This page could be an article you wrote for your ezine (or other ezines) or something topical that your visitors will find useful. Again, demonstrate your expertise and through this work on building trust with your visitors. Trust will translate into orders for your product or service.

Bid On Some Keywords

Pay-per-click search engines allow advertisers to bid on certain keywords. The advertiser pays for the traffic sent to their site. For example, if you have a health business and your best key words are “low fat diet”, then you can bid on these words. If no-one else has set up bids on these words, you may be able to bid as low as $0.01 (subject to which search engine you are using) – therefore, for each visitor they send you, you pay one cent each.

The best pay-per-click search engine available is overture.com – they provide a very good service, have the largest audience and are worth checking out. For details on other pay-per-click search engines, visit: http://www.payperclicksearchengines.com

Look For Reciprocal Link Opportunities

Spend a little time looking for places where you can request reciprocal links. These are almost as effective as the search engines in providing free targeted traffic to your web site. Consider sites where you can have your articles appear with a link to your site. Be creative in your thinking and don’t just search for opportunities to trade links. Don’t be afraid to ask for other sites to recommend your site to their visitors.

Review Your Banner Ads

Is there any way that you can improve the click through rate of your banner ads? Consider the design of your banner. Test some improvements and see what difference they make. Look for ways that you can improve the targeting of your banner. Maybe even look at changing banner exchanges or joining an additional banner exchange that could provide you with better targeting opportunities. How to Close More Online Sales Through the Magic of Questions?

The ideas I have discussed above are just some of the things you can do to continually promote your business on the internet. It is important to remember that you need to be doing something everyday to promote your business. This list should help you get started.

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